Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Listen to Me Wine...

Ok, so here's the deal. I am not ever remotely going to pretend like I know anything about wine. I do not. I take that back, I do know that its delicious, well some of it... And while I like to fool myself into thinking I have a taste for only finest things in life, my taste in wine is just meh. So, if  you are a sommelier or wine snob enthusiast, feel free to gloss this one over. I might offend your delicate taste buds. 
som·me·lierˌ səməlˈyā/
noun:: a wine stewardA trained and knowledgeable wine professional, normally working in fine restaurants, who specializes in all aspects of wine service as well as wine and food pairing. Something I am not.
Wanna hear something super sad? I AM ALLERGIC TO RED WINE. Its one of life's great tragedies. Can't even have one glass without experiencing extremely flushed cheeks and chest, congestion, migraines and itchy throat and some other symptoms, but I'll spare you. What the actual fuck is that about? For real. I'm all like, "Yes, I would love to have a delightfully robust red wine with my steak this evening! Oh wait, never mind... I'll have water." Its just sad people. And apparently a real thing. Let me drop a little science on you:
There is a specific type of protein allergen called “PLTP” is found in the skins of the grapes. PLTPs are Plant Lipid Transport Proteins and are responsible for the shuttling of phospholipids and other fatty acid groups between cell membranes. PLTPs are pan-allergans and can be responsible for some food allergies, like RED WINE ALLERGIES. Oh that's cool, Mr. Grape Skin, be a dick. 
Happily white wine is fermented without the grape skins so I can enjoy that. For the most part. Unless I enjoy it too much, then weirdly I have the same symptoms as above, but I deserve them this time. So, white wine I drink. And I do like it. So I'll share with you some of my favorites, from time to time. And just so you are prepared for how I systematically choose my wines, grab a pen and paper: 

I pick them by the label. 
You are welcome for this life changing tip.

It should come as no surprise to you, based on my sophisticated palette and painstaking method of wine selection that my favorite type of wine is Sauvignon Blanc. Quelle surprise! Its basically the tricycle of wines. Be that as it may, its my fav. Mainly because I use my many years of French to nail the pronunciation and feel very fancy. Who am I kidding, abbreviate that shit and order a sauv blanc... 
Sauvignon Blanc is a white-wine grape from western France, now successfully grown in emerging and established wine regions all over the world, some of the most famous being in New Zealand. The key selling point of Sauvignon Blanc is its straightforwardness – the flavors are rarely hidden away in the background. Also, there is a particularly close correlation between the perceived flavors and their descriptors, making Sauvignon Blanc an ideal wine with which to begin wine-tasting lessons. -Wine Searcher
Anyway, I tend to like the Marlborough variety of Savvies, well blended. I gravitate toward the softer aromas; green apple, grapefruit or green notes. Don't you dear try and give me any of the harsh stinky ones that taste like cat pee. Unless you want to wear it, in which case bring it on, I'll spit it in your face. Just kidding, I'm classy - on your shoes.

Traditionally savvies are paired with lighter fair. Excellent with summer salads, oysters, fish, chicken, lamb, grilled veggies and a variety of soft cheeses. Its also super yummy with flat bread pizzas and some lighter Asian fair, like sushi! But I like it with anything!

One of my current favs is the Spy Valley SavvySpy Valley is from the Marlborough region of New Zealand. Apparently it has intense passionfruit and Gooseberry aromas. What in the hell is a gooseberry? I have no idea. I think it has a green apple, limey flavor. But what do I know... Its just a lovely crisp, light and not-too-dry wine. Its great pretty much delicious with everything especially paired with delightful company. And wink.

Next time you are at the store pick yourself up a bottle and then drop me a thank you. If you live in Tulsa, its a little hard to find. When I went to my regs liquor store searching for it, they explained that it for sure was not available in Tulsa, you know since they didn't have it, it was not to be had. <Obvi because they are the end all be all of fine wines in T-Town. Eye-roll.> But never fear, they were wrong! Head on out to Tulsa Hills Wine Cellar, its the only place in town that sells it. 

So there you have it! My first installment of Listen to Me Wine. You're welcome. 

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